Hikari is an innovative start-up based in Italy

Born from the long experience of people that work with composite materials, Hikari aims to develop and produce environmental friendly composite materials.

Using these innovative materials Hikari conceives innovative applications.


GMC™ – Green Moulding Compound

GMC™ is a composite material composed of natural fibers, bio resins and biofillers.

This material has a low carbon footprint: around half that of traditional materials.


The GMC is suitable for different fields

An example: Hedera – Indoor Vertical Garden 

“Hedera is an indoor vertical garden that allows you to grow vegetables of different types and sizes: from vegetable varieties  to flowers and tropical plants.”

It is a design element for the interior of your home, it regulates the humidity and
acts as air filter purifier.


Technical Data

TDS of a standard GMC

The GMC can be CUSTOMIZED according to specific needs.